Strong As A Mother

Strong As A Mother



Do you feel stuck in a foreign, achy body?  

Did you receive the 'all clear' for exercise from your health care provider and have no idea where to begin?

Did you try to jump back into your regular classes or running program with disappointing results (pain, leaking, increased diastasis recti?) 

Worried that it’s too late to reclaim your body because it has been years since your last baby?

  Welcome to Strong As A Mother

Connect. Heal. Thrive.

This program of movement, repatterning, and restrengthening comes from over a decade of work with new moms, a background in postpartum personal training, yoga, Pilates, MELT (fascia, nervous system, and neuromuscular repatterning), close work with Pelvic Floor Specialists, and my current study of Restorative Exercise(™)

Strong As A Mother programs bring the best of private and group classes together.  I get to know YOU personally, your body, your habits, and your needs.  I stay with you over the weeks, championing your achievements and supporting you through deep healing.  And most importantly, you learn to trust yourself and your body again.  Over 12-weeks, you will experience the life-changing effects of empowering yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.  You will walk away armed with the skills, exercises and knowledge to care for your body for the rest of your life!  

This is NOT your typical mom and baby class. This is not bootcamp, it is not yoga. It's not even about "getting your body back" in that tabloid/weight watchers sense. It is a comprehensive program that educates you about your own body, invites you to reconnect to those areas that feel a bit lost, and lays down a clear path to realign your body, unwind the tight spots, and rebuild your body's deep strength and stability from the inside out. It is meant to be a great first stop to get you back to that place where you can run without leaking, bootcamp without pain, do yoga without injury and feel great in your own body once again.

Over 12-powerful weeks, you will:

  • Understand your own habits and patterns and the “why” behind much of the discomfort, dysfunction, and disconnection you may be experiencing.

  • Learn simple alignment tools you will use for a lifetime to ease common aches, pains and postpartum issues.

  • Reintegrate and repattern deep neurological pathways of stability in the deep core, shoulder girdle, and pelvis for a profound transformation in how you walk, stand, and move in your everyday life.

  • Finally understand the anatomy of many traditional exercises and how to choose options that are right for your body over time.

  • Enjoy sweating and moving consistently for a full hour of uninterrupted ‘you’ time while connecting to a fun community of moms.

  • Learn how to trust, enjoy and love your body - celebrate how far you have come and experience the self-empowerment of building the skills to live in your body with strength, stability and ease for the rest of your life!

  • develop a personal fitness program.  You will walk away from this series with the knowledge to exercise anywhere, anytime - including at home on your own.  And most importantly - your physical wellness will be a HABIT in your daily schedule!

Reclaim your body. Activate your strength. Empower yourself.

Babies are welcome, but not required. 

Strong As A Mother Program Options

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Strong As A Mother Demo Class

Curious to see what SAAM is all about? Try one class for FREE before you sign up! Babies are welcome on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (but not required). Sign Up for Tuesday in Englewood or a Wednesday or Saturday class in Highlands Ranch.

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12 Week Programs

Sign up for the 12 Week Program to join this comprehensive postnatal fitness program that incorporates strength, toning, flexibility, and deep core and pelvic floor work (and release!), designed to help you reclaim, heal, understand, and even love your body after pregnancy and birth. Choose to attend classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, or a mini weekend option on Saturday.

Pregnancy Program Image Adjusted.png

Moving Through Pregnancy

Movement strategies for an easeful pregnancy, empowered birth, and supportive first 6 weeks with baby. Learn the best practices for improving alignment for you and baby.

FREE Workshop: Let's Talk Core And Pelvic Floor


Reclaim Your Body After Baby
Do you have a moms group or birth related community that would love to learn more about common postnatal issues and what you can do to support, heal, and reclaim your body safely and effectively after baby?  I'd love to speak to your group.  Email to schedule this free informational workshop. 

What Moms Are Saying

It felt so good to go from feeling like total jelly—my new/different/postpartum body disconnected from my mind—to feeling more whole again. It was SO worth the investment.
— Pam C.
As a third time mom at 45 my body felt wrecked, I could not run anymore and sometimes even walking hurt. I tried everything, what finally helped me heal was working with Zoe. Zoe understood the particular issues I was facing as an active person trying to “get my body back”. If you are hurting, see Zoe!
— Sasha Slocombe - Pre/postnatal Yoga Teacher, Doula
I am a former dancer, but giving birth twice after 40, the second one a c-section, had taken a huge toll on my body in ways I never anticipated. Zoe is clear and calm in her expertise. Small, focused movements over 10 weeks made massive changes in my body! I lost weight and lots of inches of my waist, but much more importantly I felt strong enough to start my new life.
— Kate Valentine (mom of two)
My goal was to be able to run a 10k just 6 months after giving birth to my son. I wanted to run the hills well AND I wanted to do so without having to worry about my achy knees and back. On race day, after months of Zoe’s SAAM and MELT classes, I was surprised how great it felt to run as fast as I was before I was pregnant AND without pain.
— Erin Fleischauer - Life Long Runner, Mom
The results were really amazing. I have had *zero* stress incontinence from 6 weeks postpartum. Not a drop. Not with sneezing, coughing or jumping on a trampoline after 3 glasses of wine. As a midwife myself I am amazed that Zoe was able to help improve my postpartum recovery so much after a second birth for a baby that was 2 pounds bigger than the first no less. Other aches and pains that had persisted from my first pregnancy (specifically an annoying coccyx issue) have also resolved under her tutelage.
— -Abby B., Certified Nurse Midwife, NYC