I knew I was missing something deep that I couldn’t find on my own and I was beginning to get injured in my regular practices. This ‘missing piece’ is what Zoe brilliantly teaches. Zoe taught me how to relax into subtle strength and encouraged awareness of intricate muscles, open breathing and a balanced nervous system. This all translated into easeful movement and core strength that is now stable from the inside out. MELT is now a permanent part of my personal practice and the work that I do with clients.
— Rachel Welch
Wow, I’m hooked. I noticed profound difference in my alignment overall and my hip popped back into place! Tension in my back was reduced. And I went home and took a FOUR HOUR nap. Needless to say I have to make Melt a priority.
— Elizabeth Cahill
The one thing that I would wish for... more classes! Your classes have been fantastic and have changed a lot of things in my body. The biggest one being how my spine feels. I always had some very tight and uncomfortable spots on the right of my spine and after the last class of the series, I went to my regular therapist and she couldn’t believe that those tight spots had almost disappeared. I cannot tell you how great that feels. I hope I can keep practicing and get better at this!
— Genevieve Leloup
Zoe’s classes are refreshing! There’s nothing like her out there. As a mother of two little ones, I need focus work to support my own body to be able to tackle the everyday orders of being a mother. Her style is very unique as she combines yoga, pilates and the MELT method which gracefully takes you on a journey back into your body. Her teachings are warm, heartfelt, and playful. Her classes are dynamic and facilitate empowerment and education to each individual through her thoughtful and creative sequencing. After each class you leave balanced, grounded and renewed. Zoe is a wonderful teacher and I am grateful for all her insights.
— Cari Friedman- O’Connor
I took Zoe’s workshop this past fall, and having given birth 20 month before and it was great. I highly recommend it for any mom- new or newish. The MELT method is a great mix of relaxation, body work and exercise. I released a lot of muscle tension and learned some quick roller techniques that are doable even at your most tired. Zoe is a very good teacher-thoughtful, detailed and engaging.
— Jackie, mom to Elodie, 22 months
Zoe’s workshop was a revelation. I had no idea even what it was when I signed up. Little did I know it was the art of self-healing! Throughout the class, another participant (also the proud but exhausted mother of a 6-month old baby) and I kept giggling to ourselves: we were drunk on MELT! That hour was the best I’ve felt in a year. The workshop makes you honest about all the pain your body is in, but then it relieves you. Amazing.
— Wendy Lee
MELT technique gets into what I’d come to think of as my permanent aches and pains — a cramped neck, tight shoulders — in a way that’s more specific, satisfying and long-lasting than either massage or stretching alone. It feels like a combination of the two but with more control over the depth, intensity and targeting of problem spots. It’s unique and something I’ve come to see as a key part of my fitness routine — especially as a new mom!
— Emily B
Yoga may harmonize and Pilates may strengthen, but Melt is like giving your body a gift. All those crunchy, creaky, tense, out-of-whack areas in your body get smoothed, soothed and aligned. The result, after one very stress-free hour, is a feeling of ease and rejuvenation. Your neck moves freely, your shoulders ride effortlessly; your posture makes sense again.
— Jane K. - Writer and Mom
I have been working with Zoe off and on for the last 4 years. What I’ve found transformational about Zoe’s work is the passion and commitment she brings to the table. I first reached out to Zoe after the birth of my second son - after a number of serious health complications that made me realize I needed to get in shape or else. I’ve never been someone who’s been committed to working. Zoe took the time to get to know me, what my goals were and together we came up with a plan I could commit to.

Eight months ago I contacted Zoe again. Parenting two kids and working a stressful job was again taking a toll on my body. Again, she happily took the time to have a conversation with me about what my health goals were. She suggested I take her 8 week MELT course. I did and the course was fantastic! It’s helped me to connect to my body and it’s also led me on a track to incorporating more exercise (and time for myself) back into my life.

I highly recommend working with Zoe, especially if you’re like me - a nascent and somewhat lazy exerciser - yet want to see big results (particularly around feeling more present, connected and at peace with yourself). She is one of those rare gems that truly exudes the passion she has for wellness work. Her passion is contagious. Now off to an evening jog....
— C. Smith

I couldn’t recommend Zoe and The Thriving Body more. Not only does she have an extensive and varied list of credentials, but she’s also an experienced mom herself!! She is able to personally understand what every mom’s body goes through after birth. I feel stronger, more connected, and in more control of my body than I have for months. And I’ll definitely be continuing the homework to keep my body going strong for many months to come. Thanks, Thriving Body!
— Kristina Anson

Strong As A Mother

With two small kids and a full time office job, I don’t take a lot of time for myself. Zoe’s class was worth every precious minute. It helped loosen...and maybe the word is liquify...the many tight, painful, craggy, out-of-alignment spaces in my legs, pelvis, back, and neck. I felt lighter and more fluid. I’ve found that since the class I’ve been much more aware of my body (rather than trying my best to ignore it) and making adjustments to how I sit, stand, and bend over to pick up my kids.
— Vivien Watts
As a third time mom at 45 my body felt wrecked; I could not run anymore and sometimes even walking hurt. tried everything and what finally helped me heal was working with Zoe. Not only could I bring my son to class but Zoe understood the particular issues I was facing as an active person trying to “get my body back.” If you are hurting, see Zoe!
— Sasha Slocombe - Yoga Teacher, Doula (pre/postntatal)
When I started Zoe’s class 7 weeks postpartum, I felt pretty awful- my abs were mash potatoes, weak pelvic floor, aching back, and I was simply exhausted ... The idea of getting back into shape was daunting. Every week Zoe puts together an amazing, energizing workout that made me sweat and got me reconnected with those places that hit the floor during pregnancy, focusing on deep core work but also cardio and overall toning. The class can be really tough but fun, and Zoe is very encouraging, my baby never got bored and I met some really nice women. Her class has gotten me back into shape and quick.
— O.R.
I signed up for SAAM when my daughter was 2 months old. I was JUST starting to get moving again, but still felt a bit lethargic. This class was just what I needed: I learned what was safe to do after giving birth, what to be working towards and was reintroduced to my core! I was AMAZED to discover that 8 women could get a good work-out and learn beneficial exercises all while our babies were right there with us! It was a wonderful way to meet other moms, ask questions, trade secrets and watch all our little ones grow - not to mention work up a sweat!

I signed up for a second session immediately after completing the first because I had found my core and was ready to use it. In the second session all the same exercises got HARDER once I was reconnected with muscles that had been out of service for so long! This class motivated me to work out more on my own and I now feel stronger and healthier.

I did not know what MELT was when I signed up and now I am telling everyone about it. Zoe’s class guides you through this wonderful technique that with a few small tools allows you to use your own body to help release tension and muscle stress. Afterward I felt loose and relaxed and I continue to use the techniques I learned. This is a class anyone with aches and pains should try out. It feels SOOOOO good
— Saskia De Vries
Zoe’s Work Out Baby classes really helped me get on track to feeling good post baby. Zoe is very knowledgeable in her field and knows how to individualize your workout to focus on your specific needs. Even in a group setting, everyone receives individual attention. Each class was productive and enjoyable!
— Lindsay Zackman Mom to baby Jayden
I found Zoe’s class after my second baby was born. Her depth of knowledge and ability to communicate makes taking her class a true pleasure, but her real magical ability is keeping many babies happy and many mommies working and sweating at the same time! I loved her classes so much I worked with her privately at my home with my infant for many months. Zoe is as talented with the little ones as she is as a teacher, which is saying a lot!
— Adele Munisteri
I have been lucky enough to work with Zoe in both the group setting (where babies and kids are welcome) and for buddy personal training, and I’d recommend her highly. She totally understands the postpartum concerns and has helped me get my abs even stronger than they were pre-pregnancy. She is really good at explaining exactly what she wants you to do with your body, and comes up with great modifications if you need them. The classes are always filled with smart, fun women, and I was amazed at what a satisfying workout I could get even with my daughter in the mix. She asks for Zoe any time she sees my yoga mat and if she could write, her testimonial would say something about hugs and all the cool exercise toys she gets to play with during class.
— Lexi, mom to Daisy