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Strong As A Mother
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Strong As A Mother Open House Classes

Mountain Midwifery Center Tuesday, Sept 3rd 11-12:15 pm

Tuesday, November 19th 11-12:15 pm

Home Studio

Wednesday, August 28th 9:15-10:15am




Mountain Midwifery Center
3535 S. Lafayette St
Englewood, CO

Home Studio
311 English Sparrow Dr.
Highlands Ranch, CO

Denver Academy Ballet Theater
5690 County Line Pl.
Highlands Ranch, CO

*Babies are welcome, but not required.

**Must register in advance. space is very limited and these intro classes fill fast.  

Strong As A Mother
Babies welcome, not required!

Not feeling yourself since your baby/babies were born (worn down, broken, stiff, or oddly disconnected)?

Looking for a safe way back to running, dancing, yoga, bootcamp or whatever you LOVE?

Are you constantly shrugging off "minor" things like leaking, PF pain, poor posture, aching back, "bad" knees, new areas of weakness, or belly pouch?

Wondering what to do about pelvic floor health or how to tell if you have diastasis recti?

Tired of trying to wade through all the confusing and often contradictory information out there?


I created Strong As A Mother to fill all these gaps and more.

This is NOT your typical mom and baby class. This is not bootcamp, it is not yoga. It's not even about "getting your body back" in that tabloid/weight watchers sense. It is a comprehensive program that educates you about your own body, invites you to reconnect to those areas that feel a bit lost, and lays down a clear path to realign your body, unwind the tight spots, and rebuild your body's deep strength and stability from the inside out. It is meant to be a great first stop to get you back to that place where you can run without leaking, bootcamp without pain, do yoga without injury and feel great in your own body once again.

Strong As A Mother is a postnatal fitness program incorporating strength, toning, flexibility, and core work designed to help you reclaim, heal, understand, and even love your body after pregnancy and birth. It brings together the perfect combination of the lengthening effects of yoga, the detailed core work of Pilates, the intensity of a great gym workout, a deep understanding of the common issues of the postnatal body, and the therapeutic effects of a good PT session or Restorative Exercise™ all designed to rebuild your foundation and help you feel like yourself again.  So much more than just a class, SAAM will shine a light on what is currently happening in your own body, and then teach you how to connect, align, and rebuild true strength and stability from the inside out with weekly lessons and homework that will serve you not just now, but for the rest of your life.  Reclaim your body. Activate your strength. Empower yourself.

I would recommend Zoe’s class very highly to any new mom trying to get her balance back figuratively and literally after childbirth. A beautiful and very fit mother of three I know told me about Zoe’s class. I am a former dancer, but giving birth twice after 40, the second one a c-section, had taken a huge toll on my body in ways I never anticipated. Zoe is clear and calm in her expertise. Small, focused movements over 8 weeks made massive changes in my body! I lost weight and lots of inches of my waist, but much more importantly I felt strong enough to start my new life.
— Kate Valentine (Mom of Two)
With two small kids and a full time office job, I don’t take a lot of time for myself.  Zoe’s class was worth every precious minute.  It helped loosen...and maybe the word is liquify...the many tight, painful, craggy, out-of-alignment spaces in my legs, pelvis, back, and neck. I felt lighter and more fluid.  I’ve found that since the class I’ve been much more aware of my body (rather than trying my best to ignore it) and making adjustments to how I sit, stand, and bend over to pick up my kids.
— Vivien Watts
I took Zoe’s workshop this past fall, and having given birth 20 month before and it was great. I highly recommend it for any mom- new or newish. The MELT method is a great mix of relaxation, body work and exercise. I released a lot of muscle tension and learned some quick roller techniques that are doable even at your most tired. Zoe is a very good teacher-thoughtful, detailed and engaging.
— Jackie