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Are you tired, tight, and achy from sitting at a desk all day? Do you worry that your body will never get back to normal after having a baby? Have you given up on the gym after injury or physical therapy?

I help moms, sports enthusiasts, elite performers, families, runners, and ‘office bodies’ rediscover, rebalance, strengthen and lengthen their bodies through private training, semi-private training, and group classes in order to improve performance in everyday life.

I empower you to continue the work even outside of our sessions for a lifetime of results, and an opportunity to feel more at home in your body. 

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Working with Zoe after having my first baby was one of the best new mom things I decided to do! Believe it or not, it helped mentally and of course, physically, too. Very quickly, I felt my core getting stronger and I was losing weight. Carrying the baby (and stroller) up and down the stairs of our walk-up as she grew didn’t wear me down because of all the work I was doing with Zoe. I’m actually in better shape now, than I was before I got pregnant!
— Jessica, mom to Leah
As a third time mom at 45, my body felt wrecked; I could not run anymore and sometimes even walking hurt. I tried everything and what finally helped me heal was working with Zoe. Not only could I bring my son to class but Zoe understood the particular issues I was facing as an active person trying to “get my body back”. If you are hurting, see Zoe!
— Sasha, Yoga Teacher and Doula
When I first came to see Zoe, my body was a mess. My back hurt all the time and felt out of whack. My legs ached when I got out of bed in the morning. My posture was noticeably slouched — it was so bad my wife said I look like I was 60 years old and I’m only 40.

Working with Zoe over the past several months, and adhering to the MELT regimen she’s put me on has changed all of this. My back and leg pain has been reduced dramatically and my body feels much stronger and healthier than it used to. My wife cannot believe how much straighter I stand up — particularly after a Melt session.

Working with Zoe has been a great investment of my time and yielded benefits beyond what I had envisioned.
— Andrew