Moving Through Pregnancy

Moving Through Pregnancy

  • Best everyday practices and habits for improving alignment for you and encouraging ideal positioning for baby

  • How to use movement and work with your body to better support the natural birth process

  • Effective MELT Method tools for decreasing pain, tension, and discomfort through pregnancy and beyond

  • How to move safely and comfortably through every stage of pregnancy

  • Best practices for the first 6 weeks after birth to begin your healing journey

  • Understanding the common changes and issues that come up, how to relieve them, and when to seek help.

    Class Fee: $25

    Soft Rollers ($40) and MELT Foot Treatment Kits ($25) will be available for purchase if you would like to continue your practice at home.

Denver Center For Birth And Wellness
7261 S. Broadway Ste 103
Littleton, CO 80122

Saturdays 3-5pm 9/21, or 10/26