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We all have those aches and pains that we try to shrug off and pretend are no big deal. We run on those tired knees, despite the pain, because running is “good for us.” We blame low back pain on sitting all day or lifting too much and don't do much else about it. We blame our age for the fact that we just don’t move as well as we used to and we expect our bodies to just go right back to normal after pregnancy and birth. Or sometimes we prefer to ignore our bodies all together, till we’re just a brain at a computer for a majority of our lives. In the world we live in, this is just what we expect. It’s time for you to take back some control over your body and perhaps find some joy in movement again.

I have been in the Fitness Industry for the past 14 years and have been a dancer, yogi, and student of the human body for most of my life. I am part of a growing number of fitness professionals who are looking to redefine fitness. Fitness is no longer just about big muscles, superhero strength, and pounding yourself into the ground until you can't walk the next day. Fitness is a body that is pain free, active, and healthy on a regular basis. Fitness is a body that is in balance and carries you through your day with energy and ease. A healthy body can bounce back quickly from everyday stresses, and knows how to work well, play well, and be well. Does your fitness program do that?

Using my experience with various movement and exercise modalities including an ACE personal training certification, pre and post natal training, the MELT method, dance, yoga, Pilates, running, various forms of bodywork, and my current studies in Restorative Movement, we can work together to find the right solutions for your body.

Together we can

  • Improve your performance, reduce injury, and speed recovery

  • Understand and reduce (or eliminate) your cronic pain

  • Help you age gracefully with a pain free, active, and healthy body

  • Support your transition from PT (or injury, surgery, or a sedentary lifestyle), to the activity you'd rather be doing

  • Rebuild and heal your body after pregnancy and birth

  • Undo that "office body"

  • Create an environment where deep transformation is truly possible

  • Understand how your body works and how to work with it instead of against it

As a dancer I relish movement. One of the greatest joys in my life is the simple act of moving with power, grace, energy and passion. It is what makes me feel truly alive. I have chosen this path because I love sharing that joy with others. Too often pain, discomfort, or general lack of movement disconnects us from any such experience. It is my mission to help others to understand their own body, to reconnect, realign, feel more comfortable and strong in their own skin and ultimately live more satisfying movement filled lives. 




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