The MELT Method™ is a simple self-treatment method that eliminates chronic pain, improves performance, and decreases the accumulated stress caused by the repetitive postures and movements of everyday living.

With MELT, you will experience immediate changes in how your body looks and feels as you learn simple self-treatments you can do at home to remain active, healthy, and pain-free for life.

Using specialized soft body rollers and small MELT Hand and Foot Balls, you’ll learn how to relieve aches and pains brought on by stuck stress caused by aging and active living. You’ll learn how to reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, and how to keep your whole body working better.

This technique has helped my body make it through half marathons, and intense workouts. It helps me unwind when my body is tight, or warm up for performance. It helps me stay calm when I get stressed and often improves my sleeping at night. I have watched it ease my grandfather’s arthritis, relieve headaches and neck pain, improve digestion, and bring more comfort and ease to many stressed out and injured bodies. I have seen posture improve in just a few sessions and the aches that came with it disappear.

MELT Method

What benefits does MELT offer?

It is a great first stop for all of those minor aches and pains, an empowering treatment plan for chronic pain, a go to for stress and anxiety, and a great way to reconnect to your own body. The best part is that it is something you can do for yourself anytime you need it. 


  • flexibility and mobility
  • posture
  • the results of exercise
  • sleep 
  • overall well-being
  • breathing
  • digestion


  • general aches and tension
  • stress and anxiety
  • headaches
  • risk of injury
  • low back pain
  • joint compression
  • chronic pain

Who is MELT for?

MELT is for anyone who wants to slow down the aging process and live better, longer.

It is for those who have been dealing with chronic pain and are looking for a solution that is not only effective, but empowering. 

MELT is for active younger adults and athletes of all ages who want to maintain a fit, toned body and achieve optimal performance without debilitating wear and tear.

MELT for those of you trying to unwind those tight “office bodies.” and prevent the low back pain, neck pain, wrist issues, "bad" knees, and tight hips that come with it.

MELT is also great for my mamas out there trying to heal, reconnect, and rebuild your body after pregnancy and birth.

MELT Method Super Bundle - Only $149!

MELT In Colorado

Intro to MELT

Sunday March 26th 3-4:30pm

Metropolitan Academy of Dance
8985 E. Nichols Ave.
Centennial, CO 80112

* bring your own yoga mat IF you have one. I will provide mats for those that don't.
** You do not need to be a dancer to attend this workshop- it is for EVERYONE!

MELT 5 Week Immersion

April 22nd-May 27th (no class 4/29)
Saturdays 3-4:30pm

Metropolitan Academy of Dance
8985 E. Nichols Ave.
Centennial, CO 80112

MELT for Birth Professionals:
An Afternoon Of Networking And Self Care

April 15th 3-5:15pm
Mountain Midwifery Center
*space and equipment are limited, must register in advance

Join us for 90min of total body LOVE with the MELT Method then get inspired as you share, talk, and connect with other birth professionals.  You spend so much of your time caring for others, this is a chance for your own body and mind to be on the receiving end and to learn a few amazing tools to take care of YOU for the long haul.  

Learn how to use a specialized foam roller and hand and foot balls to bring your body back to a more ideal state by directly enhancing body awareness, rehydrating connective tissue, and quieting the nervous system. It's a great way to clear your slate, so you can get back out there refreshed and ready to heal the world!

MELT In Brooklyn

MELT Review- Open Class

Saturday April 1st 11-12pm
Triomph Fitness
10 Whitwell Pl Gawanus Brooklyn

Dust of your roller for a great, in person review to refine your MELT practice. We'll focus on rehydrating your connective tissue, releasing your joints, and general recovery from tough workouts, sitting too much, and everything in between.

Beginners are welcome.
*Please bring your soft foam roller if you have one, otherwise rollers will be provided.

Spring Clean!
A MELT And Mindful Journaling Workshop


Sunday April 2nd 1:30-3:30pm
Spoke The Hub
748 Union St. Brooklyn

Move into your Spring, with ease in your body, and a deep sense of purpose and connection.

Join myself and Wellness Coach Rachel Welch on a deeply nurturing journey as we gently clear out the old stuck stress, soothe your nervous system, and create more space in your body.  We'll use this newfound clarity in the body to get to the heart of what you need and want for yourself over the next few months. Through guided journaling you'll get your passions, self-care routines and exercise back on the front burner.  You'll walk out of this workshop with a body that feels rejuvenated, and a clear vision to move through the next few months with purpose and inspiration for body and mind.

$45/$40 Early bird registration by 3/26

MELT class pic.jpg

Virtual MELT Classes

Enjoy a full one hour MELT class from the comfort of your own home every Tuesday 7pm Mountain Time (9pm Eastern).  This can serve as an amazing anchor for your whole week and a great way to block out some much needed TLC for your own body.

You'll need a soft foam roller, at least a soft MELT ball, some previous MELT experience, and a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam.  Use promocode FRESHSTART123 for 50% off your first class.  Contact me if you aren't sure if this is right for you.

Private or Buddy Sessions

Looking for a more personalized approach? I'd love to work with you in my home studio in Highlands Ranch, CO, in your own home or office in the South Denver area, or via Skype from anywhere in the world. Contact me for a complementary consultation to find out what we can accomplish together.

I knew I was missing something deep that I couldn’t find on my own and I was beginning to get injured in my regular practices. This ‘missing piece’ is what Zoe brilliantly teaches. Zoe taught me how to relax into subtle strength and encouraged awareness of intricate muscles, open breathing and a balanced nervous system. This all translated into easeful movement and core strength that is now stable from the inside out. MELT is now a permanent part of my personal practice and the work that I do with clients.
— Rachel
The MELT Method - No Pain, All Gain