Strong As A Mother FREE Workshop

FREE Workshop: Let's Talk Core And Pelvic Floor


Thursday August 24th

Babies are welcome, but not required!  

Denver Center For Birth And Wellness
7261 S. Broadway #103
Littleton, CO


Reclaim your body after baby.
Timeless tools for healing and feeling strong as a new mom.

The women I have worked with often say they feel very disconnected from their body after birth. Let’s face it. Your belly feels like jello, your nervous system is shot from lack of sleep, and you are a strange combination of loose in your joints, but somehow still tight and stiff. You think you are holding it together then you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you wonder who that is with the shoulders hunched forward, and where did your butt go anyway? You begin to feel ambitious after you get “clearance” from your health care provider to exercise and one morning you decide to go for a run just like you used to, but practically end up peeing yourself halfway up the block which is probably a good thing because your back is killing you anyway and maybe running isn’t the best thing right now after all.

Whether this sounds familiar, or you are looking to get a head start on some of these issues, this workshop is designed for you. For many of the moms who find me, months and years have gone by before they are finally able to find the help they needed all along.

This workshop is a sort of “best of” set of all the things I was so glad I knew before heading into my own pregnancy. The information comes from years of working with new moms and learning from PF specialists and will address some of the most frequently asked questions I have heard and discussed throughout my practice.

  • Understanding your core and pelvic floor health in relation to whole body alignment

  • Review common pregnancy and birth related issues including what you can do about them and where to go for help (diastasis, pelvic pain, back pain, poor posture, belly pouch)

  • Best exercises for at home practice (including things you can do in the first 6 weeks after birth and how to connect to your core when it feels like jello!)

  • Rethinking Kegels

  • Baby Carriers: Best practices for preventing back pain and discomfort

  • Do’s and Don’ts of exercise in the pre/post natal period

  • Cesarean Birth: Simple things every mom should know to care for their bodies post surgery (whether it was 6 weeks ago, several years ago, or yet to come)

As a third time mom at 45 my body felt wrecked; I could not run anymore and sometimes even
walking hurt. tried everything and what finally helped me heal was working with Zoe.  Not only
could I bring my son to class but Zoe understood the particular issues I was facing as an active
person trying to “get my body back”.  If you are hurting, see Zoe!
— Sasha Slocombe
When I started Zoe’s class 7 weeks postpartum, I felt pretty awful- my abs were mash potatoes, weak pelvic floor, aching back, and I was simply exhausted ... The idea of getting back into shape was daunting. Every week Zoe puts together an amazing, energizing workout that made me sweat and got me reconnected with those places that hit the floor during pregnancy, focusing on deep core work but also cardio and overall toning.  The class can be really tough but fun, and Zoe is very encouraging, my baby never got bored and I met some really nice women. Her class has gotten me back into shape and quick.
— O.R.