Summer of [body] love

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4 weeks of summer. 4 different drop in classes. 4 themes to choose from to restore and explore your whole body.

Mondays 7-8pm at Denver Ballet Theater (all are welcome! great for any level)

Tuesdays 11:15-12:15 at Mountain Midwifery Center (this will have more a mom focus- kids and babies welcome!)

July 8th and 9th
Restore and Explore: Your Neck And Shoulders

Learn how to unwind your neck and shoulders from the hands up. If you carry your tension in your neck, shoulders, upper back, or even if you have achy hands or elbows, this workshop is for you.

July 15th and 16th
Restore and Explore: Lower Body Reset (hips, knees, feet)

The perfect treat for tired, achy “bad” knees and feet, tight hips, and cranky low backs. Whether you sit all day or pound your legs and feet into the ground on a regular basis - give your lower body a fresh start now, AND learn how to keep it that way.

July 29th and 20th
Restore and Explore: Your Spine (Low back and mid back pain!)

Rediscover your body's natural balanced effortless posture, reconnect to your most powerful core center for more efficient movement, and learn how to treat your own back pain and tension.

August 12th and 13th
Restore and Explore: Your Core And Pelvic Floor

The deep core and inner pelvis can be a bit of a dark room for most people. Learn how to access that area with breath and ease and start turning the lights back on. This is a great place for anyone that is feeling disconnected in general, has been pregnant, been through injury or surgery, or is dealing with diastasis recti, leaking, pelvic pain, or prolapse.

Choose your favorites, drop in when you can, bring a friend for a $5 discount.

Use code INVITEAFRIEND for $5 off (it’s ok if they can’t make it, but please do invite a few of your favorite people!)
Or choose any 3 for $45 (INVITEAFRIEND3 coupon will work for this!)

Over the course of 4 classes we’ll take you on a tour of YOUR body and learn simple self treatment techniques and alignment principles to keep you feeling open, balanced, and pain free. Learn how to ease tension and pain in your neck and shoulders, explore your spine, treat your hands and feet, experience a deep abdominal awakening, and get yourself a new pair of legs (and hips and low back!).

Discover how stuck stress in your body, dehydrated connective tissue, alignment, and your every day habits are affecting how you stand, move and breathe. Learn to know when things are “off” and how to make changes today and over time, to feel better and move easier.

Each class will be a discovery journey through 4 steps.

Step 1: Get To Know Your Body
Take a tour of your own body and get a better understanding what is happening on many levels- every beautiful habit, pattern, and everything you’ve picked up through the years. It's not just about your obvious aches, pains, and tensions. Be ready for a few surprises.

Step 2: Mobilize
Using MELT techniques and Restorative Exercise(TM), we’ll declutter your body, rehydrating connective tissue, rebalancing your nervous system and releasing your joints.

Step 3: Stabilize
With MELT Neurostrength techniques we’ll start to reorganize and learn easy techniques to repattern old habits and rediscover deep (and often lost) patterns of stability around the pelvis, shoulder girdle, or spine.

Step 4: Real Life
Finally you’ll learn how to apply all this information to real life, your real alignment, and real movement every day.  This is where the real transformation happens.  I’ll put the ball in your court to begin a new evolution in your own body.

You’ll walk away from each of these classes with

  • A deeper understanding or your own body.

  • an introduction to self treatment tools of recovery and healing.

  • Corrective Exercises to strengthen the deep support mechanisms of your body and change the way you move, relieving (and saving!) your joints, and chronic tension patterns (even if you feel like you’ve always had them).

  • everyday ideas to support your body better, and reduce or prevent wear and tear, pain, and injury.

  • deeper trust in your body and it’s ability to change.

These are open drop in classes that are all a great introduction to what is possible.

Before the program, when laying on the floor my head would always be 3 to 4 inches off the ground. Now my head touches the ground easily. Over the years I lost one inch of height, but in two months of practicing MELT with Zoe, I have regained one half inch in height. Both of these results I consider miracles. My legs can now move faster because my vertebrae are not impinging on my nerves. I feel I reversed years of loss of flexibility in my spine and pelvis. I would especially recommend this course to people who are experiencing problems due to loss of flexibility and are experiencing pain.
— Mitch, Transform Your Body Participant
Participating in TYB was a lynchpin in my physical recovery from childbirth. As a wellness and physical fitness professional, I had an enormous amount of knowledge and body awareness going into the MELT series. However, I knew I was missing something deep that I couldn’t quite find on my own and I was beginning to get injured in my regular practices. This ‘missing piece’ is what Zoe brilliantly teaches in TYB. Over the course of 8 weeks, Zoe taught me how to relax into subtle strength and encouraged awareness of intricate muscles, open breathing and a balanced nervous system. This all translated into easeful movement and core strength that is now stable from the inside out. MELT is now a permanent part of my personal practice and the work that I do with clients.
— Rachel Welch,
Not to be too dramatic, but I also feel like I am coming away with some more hope: not only do I feel like I have some more tools to help in-between visits to the professionals (PT, OT, etc.), but I can really see this as a long-term self-care routine that is already showing lasting benefits and potential improvement in my various conditions.
I feel like this intensive has also provided some momentum: the routine of twice weekly class and the experience of seeing the clear and immediate benefits led to doing some MELT almost every day on my own (and that continues so far). I hope that this will propel me into feeling more able to take responsibility for my own well-being and health/fitness.
— Lynne-Corinne, Transform Your Body Participant
I have lived with chronic lower back pain for years. I assumed that this was just something I had to learn to live with until someone suggested I try Zoe’s MELT class.
Right off the bat, I felt I was in the right place. Here, my back pain wasn’t an obstacle to doing something else— like postures or exercises—it was the reason we were there.
Gradually, by doing the MELT movements and internalizing Zoe’s descriptions of how our bodies work—I have finally been able to understand “what is wrong with my back.” I’ve been to bodyworkers and PT people, but finally, it all started to make sense. And—hallelujah!—for the first time in a long time my back didn’t hurt 24-7. MELT has given me hope that just moving around during the day can be so much more comfortable and ease-ful.
— Anne January, MELT Intensive Participant