Whole Body Alignment Makeover

Transform Your Body:
The Whole Body Alignment and Movement Makeover


2 ways to join in Denver and NYC

8 In-Person Workshops
Saturdays 7:45am-9am
October 5th - December 14th
(no class 10/12, 11/9, 11/30)

Denver Ballet Theatre
5690 County Line Pl
Highlands Ranch, CO

Sunday October 13th 12-3pm

Spoke The Hub
Union St and 6th Ave
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Try an intro class
September 21st 8am

Or set up a 20min complimentary call today to discuss your needs and find out if this is the right fit for you.

Just imagine:

  • You feel good and strong and even powerful in your own skin.

  • Pain no longer gets in your way. It visits less often and if it does show up, you have the tools to get rid of it quickly.

  • You sit, stand, and move in a relaxed and pain free way on a daily basis.

  • Your body is no longer something that gets in your way. It is a new found ally that is ready to help you experience life to the fullest.

  • You feel less overwhelmed with daily life and more energized, embodied, and fully present.

  • You have a new relationship with movement that’s more of a “want to” rather than a “have to”.

  • You start saying “yes!” to more of life’s adventures.

    This program is all about finding a new and better way to exist in your body… all the time! 

It takes 66 days to create a new habit… with this program you’ll have 2 guided months to…

  • Learn your unique pain and tension patterns, why they are there, AND how to unravel and release them.

  • Rebuild your movement practice from scratch to get out of pain, reduce, wear and tear, and improve performance.

  • Learn how to uncover your body’s effortless and easeful alignment and get back to stacking your bones.

  • Stop just putting a bandaid on all the pain and rebuild the whole thing from the ground up and from the inside out.

  • Make small shifts in your environment (home/office/etc) to encourage the movement vitamins you are missing without taking extra time in your day.

  • Find space IN your body and FOR your body through the busy and overwhelm of daily life.

  • Create new habits and motivation to move more, that easily fit into your daily life now and for the long haul.

Who is this program for?

  • For those who have been living with chronic aches and pains and are looking for ways to take more control of how you are feeling on a regular basis.

  • For those of you who feel your current routine or program is missing something or leaving you hurting more than feeling good.

  • For all my mamas that have not felt the same since the little ones came along. Reclaim your strength and power. Rebuild and connect to your core and pelvic floor. Stop leaking so you can run, jump, sneeze, and laugh, without concern. Address the deeper needs of your body, create space for yourself, feel good again, and watch how that shows up in your day to day interactions with your family.

  • For my big movers and shakers – those of you that LOVE to move and often do so with amazing intensity. Whether it’s running, cycling, dancing, flying, martial arts, climbing, or jumping on rooftops and railings, you passionately want to be moving like this for as long as possible AND KNOW you need to be able to prevent the wear and tear that often come with these activities. This program is for you! Learn how to erase all the negative effects of tough training, and keep all the benefits.

  • For anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of their own body (and the human body in general!).

  • For all you teachers, instructors, trainers, PT’s, chiropractors, and bodyworkers out there, this program is a great chance for you to take time for the self care you know you deserve. This valuable information will also of course find its way into the eager bodies of your clients and patients and give you new ways to understand and approach the human body. Let me hold the space while you dive deep back into your own body. This is a missing link for many of your clients and patients to go from occasionally doing the “right exercises” to making real true and life long change.

Perhaps you know your posture is “off” but can’t seem to do anything about it. Or it always feels like “work” to sit up or stand up straight.

Maybe your body has been through surgery, trauma, or some other craziness and it just hasn’t felt the same since.

You’re much too young to feel this damn old! You wake up feeling achy and stiff, you are very aware of years of stress accumulating in your body, and you are starting to feel the effects of aging.

You would like to run (insert climb, swim, dance, jump rope, learn trapeze, play with the grand kids more), but pain keeps getting in your way.

You KNOW how bad it is for your body to be sitting at a computer all day and are feeling how related habits are creating wear and tear on your body already.

Or maybe you are looking for a great physical and mental fresh start and a consistent self care practice.

Sound familiar? I’d love to hear your story. Give me a call to find out if the Transform Your Body Alignment Makeover Series is right for you.


How can movement transform your body?

You are how you move! If you can change the way you move, you can change the shape and feel of your body and change the wear and tear of your joints. This workshop will pull from my extensive training in Restorative Exercise as well as the MELT Method.

MELT is a simple self-treatment technique that revitalizes your connective tissues and rebalances your nervous system – the two systems often at the root of imbalance and dysfunction in your body. When your connective tissue is healthy and hydrated you experience

  • Efficient movement, so you have sustained energy throughout your day.

  • Better alignment, so you have less compression and inflammation in your knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and back.

  • A balanced nervous system, so you feel more able to manage your daily stress.

  • Restful sleep and improved digestion.

  • A boost in the body’s natural repair mechanisms.

  • An overall sense of well-being

MELT Performance then becomes the deep strength and repatterining that you will use to rebuild your foundation completely new and better than ever. This is the work that will improve the way to do EVERYTHING. This work always feels like we burn down the old ways and rebuild the whole structure from the inside out.

Restorative Exercise then becomes the missing link that helps your new way of moving seep into your everyday life. If you want your body to make real changes, you have to look at what it is doing all day every day- not just the one hour you are “practicing” or exercising.

This is where the real magic happens!

I’m offering 2 different programs - one for my Colorado community and one new format for NYC. Read below for details for both.

The Full CO Program Includes...

  • 8 75-minute in-person workshops (each class will be recorded and available for download in case you miss a class) Saturdays 7:45-9am at Denver Ballet Theatre (Highlands Ranch, CO).

  • 4–5 General MELT Map handouts and at least one MELT Map specifically designed to target YOUR needs, issues, and body.

  • One 20-minute phone consultation discussing your body, issues, health history, and setting goals for our 10 weeks together.

  • mini class (10-30min) audio and video recordings to use for your home practice

  • One Private 55-minute session (via Zoom or in my home studio space in Highlands Ranch).

  • Equipment: Theraband, half dome, MELT hand and foot treatment kit ($40 value)

  • Discount on Soft Roller ($40 highly recommended- firm rollers aren’t the same!)

Most importantly, the Whole Body Alignment Makeover Program will finally offer you the chance to start integrating some self care into your daily routine in a way that makes sense for you, provide the opportunity to create lasting habits that will support your body well into the future, AND includes all the support you need to actually stick with it!

To assure personal attention, class size will be limited to 12 students.

Purchased separately the total value of this program would reach over $500, and private sessions with me twice a week would cost over $1500, but you’ll receive the same individualized attention I give to my private clients and more – weekly classes, constant support, homework you can continue using beyond this program, accountability, and goal setting – at a fraction of the cost. You’ll also benefit from the support of a group in your own learning process.

This series will include even more accountability, more access to me, and more ways to practice and truly integrate what you are learning. The individual calls, check ins, and the private session will ensure that you begin to apply the work to your everyday life, but also help us to address your body’s own special needs.

Total Investment: $397 or two payments of $200

These programs often sell out, so register now to save your spot. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you’re not sure if this program is right for you. Email me for a payment plan link, or register below.

Mini Intensive IN NYC

  • 1 3hr in person Workshop Sunday October 13th 12-3pm at Spoke The Hub in Park Slope Brooklyn

  • At least 4 audio/video home practice classes (10-20min)

  • 8 weeks of follow up support via email including worksheets, and a new focus/lesson to review each week (through Dec 8th)

  • 2 group Q and A live video chat meetings (Wednesdays TBD 9pm EST, these will be recorded)

  • 2 30 min private coaching video calls

  • Mini MELT ball kit and theraband

Total investment $297
Early Bird (before October 5th!) $250
use promo code IMINLETSGO

Before the program, when laying on the floor my head would always be 3 to 4 inches off the ground. Now my head touches the ground easily. Over the years I lost one inch of height, but in two months of practicing MELT with Zoe, I have regained one half inch in height. Both of these results I consider miracles. My legs can now move faster because my vertebrae are not impinging on my nerves. I feel I reversed years of loss of flexibility in my spine and pelvis. I would especially recommend this course to people who are experiencing problems due to loss of flexibility and are experiencing pain.
— Mitch, TYB Participant
Participating in TYB was a lynchpin in my physical recovery from childbirth. As a wellness and physical fitness professional, I had an enormous amount of knowledge and body awareness going into the MELT series. However, I knew I was missing something deep that I couldn’t quite find on my own and I was beginning to get injured in my regular practices. This ‘missing piece’ is what Zoe brilliantly teaches in TYB. Over the course of 8 weeks, Zoe taught me how to relax into subtle strength and encouraged awareness of intricate muscles, open breathing and a balanced nervous system. This all translated into easeful movement and core strength that is now stable from the inside out. MELT is now a permanent part of my personal practice and the work that I do with clients.
— Rachel Welch, lovelandyoga.net
Not to be too dramatic, but I also feel like I am coming away with some more hope: not only do I feel like I have some more tools to help in-between visits to the professionals (PT, OT, etc.), but I can really see this as a long-term self-care routine that is already showing lasting benefits and potential improvement in my various conditions.
I feel like this intensive has also provided some momentum: the routine of twice weekly class and the experience of seeing the clear and immediate benefits led to doing some MELT almost every day on my own (and that continues so far). I hope that this will propel me into feeling more able to take responsibility for my own well-being and health/fitness.
— Lynne-Corinne, TYB Participant
I have lived with chronic lower back pain for years. I assumed that this was just something I had to learn to live with until someone suggested I try Zoe’s MELT class.
Right off the bat, I felt I was in the right place. Here, my back pain wasn’t an obstacle to doing something else— like postures or exercises—it was the reason we were there.
Gradually, by doing the MELT movements and internalizing Zoe’s descriptions of how our bodies work—I have finally been able to understand “what is wrong with my back.” I’ve been to bodyworkers and PT people, but finally, it all started to make sense. And—hallelujah!—for the first time in a long time my back didn’t hurt 24-7. MELT has given me hope that just moving around during the day can be so much more comfortable and ease-ful.
— Anne January, TYB MELT Intensive Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in pain and always worried about starting a new movement practice, how is this different?

This program is meant to work with your pain, compression, and tension patterns and help you understand it better and unwind it. Most people that find their way to this program are dealing with some sort of pain- low back pain (chronic or occasional), mid back pain or tension, neck and shoulder pain (chronic or occaisional), tight hip flexors, knee pain, foot issues (plantar fascitis, neuromas, bunions). Most of the time all of these common issues are directly related to how you are moving (or not moving), your alignment, and your favorite compensation patterns.  This is a great program to bring all of that to and finally commit to a better way.  We will travel through ideal movements, movement vitamins, and alignment for each area of the body that tends to give us trouble- feet, knees, hips/pelvis, spine/back, core/pelvic floor, breath, and neck and shoulders. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of what each area needs for ideal function, where your trouble spots are (not always where the pain is!), and what you can be doing to continue heading towards ideal function and out of pain, compression and wear and tear. 

I’ve taken a MELT Intensive or Transform Your Body program before, how is this different?

While I LOVE the MELT work and we will still use and review those tools as part of our work to repattern and release, the big difference with this program is that we will also be adding more of the Restorative Exercise piece. Restorative Exercise speaks to your alignment, your environment and how you move or don’t move everyday (not just during “exercise time”). The alignment piece and how you stand, sit and carry yourself as well as how you move, and work, and breathe everyday makes all the difference when we are looking for more real and sustainable change. We will also learn more about how to “stack your life” and fit the movement your body needs in with the business of everyday life. So instead of only learning corrective exercises - we also learn how to take that information and work it easily into real everyday life so it starts to infiltrate EVERYTHING - this is where real transformation happens. 

I’m so busy, what’s the time commitment for this?

Other than the actual time in class (or in private session) with me, most of the “work” or movement will be little things we’ll find a place in your day coupled with something else that doesn’t take “extra” time. In addition to that you’ll want to play with short sweet home practice videos or audio (10-23min) that will support the unraveling, releasing, and repatterining process.  So really I’m asking for 10-20min a day.  Another huge lesson that we will learn is that you can actually start to be MORE productive and focused by integrating some of this work into your life, which can lead to feeling less overwhelmed all the time. When we make the time to reconnect and find space in our bodies, you will find space opening up in your life.  And for those of you busy because of kids and work… much of this can be done with kids around. 

I’m not motivated to move and I’m always worried I’m doing something wrong.

That’s why I’ve built in the in person time together and the one on one coaching. We can troubleshoot anything and everything you bring to the table from coaching and mindset and behavior change to specific pain problems. 

How is this all even possible? I’ve been in pain forever, or I’ve tried PT, why will this work?

Most joint pain is coming from compression, inflammation, and wear and tear patterns in your body. Most of this is caused be simple compensation patterns you have picked up over the years - whether from old injuries, childbirth, phone and computer use, emotions, stress, or even your environment and habits of moving or not moving. These are the patterns that are easy to first recognize, then start to shift one step at a time, getting out of compensation patterns, releasing what you don’t need, rebuilding deep strength and stability, and reconnecting to your body. This is no bandaid, it’s learning a completely new way to exist in your body. This work takes into account ALL of you and how you exist most of the time to reduce and eventually eliminate the compression patterns that cause the pain.

What if I’m not in pain? I don’t have pain, but I just feel disconnected and tight and I know there has to be a better way. Can TYB help me?

Yes! This is all about reconnection and finding a better way. The goal is to get you to a place where movement has easy places in your life. You feel connected and embodied and fully alive and ready to take on the activities you love most from a whole new place. You will feel confident and ready for what’s next.