SAAM summer mini

Strong As A Mother
Summer Mini Series


5/23, 5/30, 6/6, 6/20, 6/27, 8/15
6 Wednesdays 1:30-2:45pm

TTB Home Studio
311 W English Sparrow Dr.
Highlands Ranch, CO

*Babies (and often children) welcome but not required!!

5/22, 5/29, 6/5, 6/19, 6/26, 8/14
6 Tuesdays 11-12:15pm

Mountain Midwifery Center
3535 S. Lafayette St.
Englewood, CO

Contact me to bring a SAAM program to you!
(Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Englewood, Parker)


The Strong As A Mother (SAAM) mini series, is the best of the full SAAM 12 Week program compressed into 6 in-person classes with video access and weekly email support through the whole summer.  

We meet for the first 5 sessions May-June, have a break through July to work on your own with weekly home practice recordings, video classes, and weekly email support, then reconvene in August to check in and wrap things up. 

Each class will be 75min instead of an hour, so that we can get a full hour of movement in PLUS 15 minutes of a more detailed workshop format to cover a lot of the educational pieces we can't always get to in detail in a typical hour long class (deeper exploration of anatomy, more hands on discussion of TA and DR, PF release work, more detailed assessments, alignment points, baby carrying, foot health, etc).

It's a full summer of moving, learning, and deep transformation with a lot of support and less class commitment at a lower cost.

$250 without a roller or $290 with.

I’m so glad it turned out to be nothing like a boot camp class. The first few classes, I remember thinking the moves weren’t working (ps. I wasn’t doing homework AT ALL). Once I started becoming diligent and regular with the homework, the moves became more challenging. I felt the work we were doing. Zoe’s encouragement and support was so individualized; every class felt like a private session. What I loved was all the connecting. It made a huge difference in my everyday movements. Even my posture pushing the stroller adjusted. It felt so good to go from feeling like total jelly—my new/different/postpartum body disconnected from my mind—to feeling more whole again. Once I incorporated the homework into my daily routine, I began to look forward to it as a way to reconnect with my self (not me+Anna). It’s a daily 10 min of “me” time. After giving up so much of my daily life (and body) to Anna, the homework makes me remember my own worth. I also really liked the work we did with the foam roller. All of the moves were so accessible. There wasn’t ever a move I thought, “Oh, I can’t do that.” I think the biggest thing I took away from the class was being more mindful and connected—every exercise really concentrating on connecting to what I was doing. It was so worth the investment.
— Pam C.

6 class mini series includes:

  • 6 75min in-person classes. (1hr movement, 15min for deeper exploration and talk based on the theme of class). 5 classes May- June, a break through July to practice on your own, and a final class mid August to wrap it up.
  • Full access to video recordings of the 12 week program to practice on your own through the summer
  • Weekly check in emails to keep you motivated
  • Homework supporting the focus each week to speed up your progress (downloadable audio recordings).
  • Small class sizes and plenty of attention for you (and baby)
  • A theraband, and a soft MELT Foot ball for home practice*
  • An entire summer of support, guidance, accountability, and motivation
  • Make up missed classes in other live classes or with video recordings

*Soft foam rollers will be available for purchase for $40.  A soft roller is highly recommended for this program, but not required. 

Regular price for full 12 week program in $365

Summer mini series is only $250  ($290 with roller)

I loved working with Zoe! After my c-section I felt completely disconnected from ALL parts of my body, weak, and ill-prepared to hold my baby all day. I worked with Zoe for two full 8-week sessions and rebuilt my core from my kegels up! I gained a deeper understanding of how to connect to and strengthen muscles and have been able to care for my daughter in a strong and pain free way. I feel confident and able again! She is a great teacher who embodies calm, empathy, motivation and humor. I would recommend her class to everyone!
— Katie Wassel
I couldn’t recommend Zoe and The Thriving Body more to moms in the Park Slope area.  Not
only does she have an extensive and varied list of credentials, but she’s also an experienced
mom herself!! She is able to personally understand what every mom’s body goes through after birth.   I feel stronger, tighter and in more control of my body than I have for months.  And I’ll definitely be continuing the homework to keep my body going strong for many months to come. Thanks, Thriving Body!
— Kristina Anson