MELT Intro

Intro to MELT


Sunday June 18th

Endorphin City Park
3170 e. Colfax suite 1489a
Denver, CO 80206

MELT Intro Workshop

Prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging. Adding MELT to your life will help improve your efficiency and performance in your fitness routine, while enhancing daily life by improving your digestion, sleeping, and reducing stress. Using MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Balls, and specialized rollers you can learn how to self-treat on your own at home in just minutes a day to create lasting changes.
This is not myofascial release or body rolling! MELT is all about rehydrating connective tissue and rebalancing your nervous system and has the potential to change your body on a much deeper level than just getting that one "knot" out with a roller.
What might it feel like to have healthy, hydrated connective tissue?
• Efficient movement, so you have sustained energy throughout the day.
• Better alignment, so you have less compression and inflammation in your knees, hips, shoulders, neck and back.
• A balanced nervous system, so you are able to manage your daily stress.
• A boost in the body's natural repair mechanisms.
• An overall sense of well-being.


If you’ve never lived with chronic pain in multiple places then it is hard to explain what it is like when it is gone. It’s like you have a new body. The thing about it is that it isn’t just that I am feeling better, I am actually climbing regularly again and climbing better than I have in years. It isn’t just the elimination of the negative, which was pain, but it is the introduction of better performance. I’m really kind of dying to know what things are like after 20 classes.…
— Ali Rodell, after 5 MELT Strength classes