Cancer Treatment Recovery

MELT For Cancer Treatment Recovery
And More


5- Session Self-Care Series

Sept 9, 16, 23, 30, and Oct 7

Oct 28, Nov 4, 11, 18, and Dec 2


Oncology Rehab
7180 E. Orchard Rd
Suite 103 Centennial, CO 80111

Intro Classes 8/26 or 10/21

While this class will be guided by a cancer treatment lens, it is open to anyone looking to feel and function better in their body.

MELT For Cancer Treatment And Recovery
5 Week Self Care Series

Come to this MELT series to learn simple self treatment tools to support your body through cancer treatment, recovery, and beyond. 

  • Reduce and heal neuropathy

  • Support healing and regain mobility after surgery and radiation

  • Improve balance 

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

  • Get moving in important ways even when you don’t have much energy

  • Reduce mental and physical stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Boost your body’s natural repair mechanisms

Learn gentle ways to bring movement back into your life that will support and enhance the healing work you are doing with your oncology rehab therapist.  

Not only will you feel a difference right away, but you’ll leave with tools you will be able to use over and over again through treatment and beyond.

Caregivers will gain tools to better support and maintain ease, strength, and boundaries in their own body and nervous system to bolster them though this stressful time.

Fee: $145 includes- 5 75min classes, worksheets for home practice, and a mini MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit
$185 includes soft roller (needed for home practice)

C-recovery testimonials.jpg

The MELT method is a great mix of relaxation, body work and exercise. I released a lot of muscle tension and learned some quick roller techniques that are doable even at your most tired. Zoe is a very good teacher-thoughtful, detailed and engaging.
— Jackie
MELT technique gets into what I’d come to think of as my permanent aches and pains — a cramped neck, tight shoulders — in a way that’s more specific, satisfying and long-lasting than either massage or stretching alone. It feels like a combination of the two but with more control over the depth, intensity and targeting of problem spots. It’s unique and something I’ve come to see as a key part of my fitness routine — especially as a new mom!
— Emily
Zoe’s workshop was a revelation. I had no idea even what it was when I signed up. Little did I know it was the art of self-healing! The workshop makes you honest about all the pain your body is in, but then it relieves you. Amazing.
— Wendy
Yoga may harmonize and Pilates may strengthen, but Melt is like giving your body a gift. All those crunchy, creaky, tense, out-of-whack areas in your body get smoothed, soothed and aligned. The result, after one very stress-free hour, is a feeling of ease and rejuvenation. Your neck moves freely, your shoulders ride effortlessly; your posture makes sense again.
— Jane