Barefoot Backyard Bootcamp


Welcome to the fitness revolution happening right in your own backyard! (or at least MY backyard).

Fitness is no longer just about big muscles, superhero strength, and pounding yourself into the ground until you can't walk the next day. Fitness is a body that is pain free, active, and healthy on a regular basis. Fitness is a body that is in balance and carries you through your day with energy and ease. A healthy body can bounce back quickly from everyday stresses, and knows how to work well, play well, and be well. Does your fitness program do that?

Barefoot Backyard Bootcamp will help you

  • reduce wear and tear

  • create new daily habits to transform the way you move

  • learn your own body's habits and patterns and how to retrain them

  • increase stability and mobility

  • learn more about transitioning to minimal footwear (and the importance of your feet in general)

  • get outside and get moving

  • get strong and have fun

  • improve your performance and reduce injury in every other activity you love (including other "bootcamps"!)

It's time to work smarter not harder. 


We’ll spend the first 30 minutes on our mats to unlock some old habits and patterns, increase mobility and stability, and start creating new pathways for improved function and deep strength. Then we’ll put those new patterns to the test with a fun and challenging circuit using anything and everything under the sun in our beautiful backyard - rocks, steps, TRX, trees, trampoline, balls, various textures for your bored feet, and plenty of space! Picture squatting, hanging, climbing, lunging, carrying, and using the landscape for steps ups, push ups, and new and fun challenges.

While I’m calling it bootcamp, and I do intend for this to be a great workout, I feel like it’s worth mentioning that my entire practice revolves around helping people get out of or prevent life’s typical aches and pains, so feel free to bring your “bad” knees, aching necks and backs, diastasis recti, PF issues, plantar fasciitis or other foot aches, shoulder pain, or whatever you’ve got. This would also be a lovely movement practice throughout pregnancy. I not only have plenty of modifications to avoid further injury, but we’ll also address (and work toward preventing) many of these issues head on.

Bring the kiddos if you need. We have some outdoor toys, but feel free to bring any favorites. You do not have to be actually barefoot for the entire class, but one of the ideas that we are looking for is to wake up your feet a bit by providing them with some new and exciting textures. 

-the kids if you like
-Outdoor toys to share if you want
-Water bottle
-A mat (if you have one)
-If you have minimal shoes, or are up for being barefoot great- if not try Fitkicks (when you are ready!) 

First class is FREE.
Bring a friend for more fun!

Must register in advance to save your spot. Kids are welcome.
Fridays 8:45-9:45am

-You want to move more and have more energy throughout your day
-You are looking for some anchors in your week that truly feed your mind and body.
-You wish you spent more time outside
-You are having a hard time getting movement into your day with kids around
-You want to learn about your body but also get in a great workout
-You LOVE Katy Bowman, Nutritious Movement, Restorative Exercise, 
-OR perhaps you are just interested in minimal footwear, being barefoot, hanging, squating, full body alignment, full body movement, deep functional strength, and feeling better and stronger in your body now and through the rest of your life.
-Maybe you don’t even like “exercise” or going to the gym - come learn how to love movement and appreciate your body again!
-You have old injuries or issues that make you hesitant to move or go to the gym.
-You live in the neighborhood, it’s super convenient, and you are curious what I’m all about.
-You recently graduated from my Strong As A Mother Program and are looking for a great way to keep moving.

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All bootcamp classes are held at The Thriving Body home studio (my backyard) in Highlands Ranch near Wildcat Reserve and Broadway.